Just posting for the sake of posting

OK, I’m tired of seeing that Katrina post at the top of my site. It’s now five months later, and it seems life goes on. I’ve been back to New Orleans once, and I’ll go again later this month. The city will come back, I’m sure. But it will be a totally different place.

Here in L.A., I’m keeping busy at the Los Angeles Times, where I’m the night managing editor for latimes.com. Besides planning the daily makeup of the site’s front page, I get to work on the occasional fun project. Here are two that I did recently:

P.S.: Comments are back on. Maybe the spammers have given up.

3 Replies to “Just posting for the sake of posting”

  1. Finally, man. And what’s with the goofy picture?

  2. Hey Eric,

    Good to see you back.


  3. Eric, me again…

    did you now that latimes.eu is available… what are you waiting for…


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