We made it through ‘Making it in L.A.’

Today my colleagues in the multimedia reporting class and I presented our final project, a website called “Making it in L.A.” I think we’re all pretty happy with how it turned out. Let us know what you think by signing the guest book on the site.

Here’s a nice photo of me and my awesome teammates after the presentation.

That’s Eugene Lee, photographer extraordinaire; Janna Braun, our copy chief and resource person; Matt Myerhoff, stats editor and double-duty reporter; Heather Somers, issues editor; me (I was the design and big-picture person); Elizabeth Osder, our instructor; and Paritosh Bansal, profiles editor and production guru (or, as he put it, “outsourcing guy”).

Philips to make e-newspaper display

The Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips is set to mass-produce a flexible panel that can display printed material and rolls up into a pen-sized holder for portability. Obviously, potentially huge implications for the online news world here. Where can I get one?

ONA conference superlatives

I’m back from Evanston, and here are some scattered thoughts on the Online News Association conference (for more coherent thoughts, see our coverage):

Most quotable quote: “Everything has already been said, but not everyone has had a chance to say it.” –Esther Dyson, chairman, Edventure Holdings

Understatement of the weekend: “Newspapers as institutions are defensive, perfectionist cultures that don’t adapt easily.” –Jack Fuller, president of Tribune Publishing

Biggest disappointment: On-again, off-again Internet access. Fortunately the Panera Bread around the corner offered fast, free Wi-Fi.

Distance award: Again goes to Chris Janz of Australia’s News Interactive, who this year brought along his boss, Bill Burton. Added reward: They got to see their team rout New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup.

Coolest architecture: The new Tribune Interactive space in the former Chicago Tribune pressroom, where Friday night’s reception was held… I love the metaphor of the web operation replacing the presses.

Biggest head-scratcher: In the panel on the Iraq war coverage, Maj. Riccoh Player’s criticism that the media “made the decision to make this a bloodless war” by leaving out pictures of soldiers wounded or killed in battle. What does the Pentagon public affairs officer have against journalists displaying a little sensitivity?

Biggest terminology shift: MSNBC.com’s Dean Wright observed that the term “new media” is increasingly inaccurate, because the medium is no longer new. He’s right. I am going to start training myself not to use the term. (And one of these days I’ll have to rename my site, too.)

Most overused word: Blog.

Online newsies meet next week

Chicago — or, more precisely, Evanston, Ill. — is the place to be next week if you’re an online journalist. The Online News Association is holding its fourth annual conference Nov. 14-15. Noted blogger Andrew Sullivan and Tribune Publishing president Jack Fuller will be the keynoters.

Rich Gordon, of Northwestern University, and I are heading up the conference newsroom, which will be staffed by students from across the country. Stay tuned to the conference site for our coverage.