Come work with me

OK, if that headline didn’t totally scare you away, read on:

My employer, the L.A. Times, is looking for some hybrid journalist-techies to help us build our interactive concepts team. This group will be the glue that binds our graphics, editorial and tech teams and takes the lead on building innovative projects such as the Homicide Map. The role of the interactive team is so important to my bosses that they’re creating a new space for it in our online newsroom:


(It’s the area behind the plastic in my blurry photo, and when they finish building we’re going to deck it out with all kinds of cool stuff.)

Two positions are open right now, and we’re tweaking the job description on a third:

If either of these gigs looks interesting to you, don’t hesitate to apply. We want to move fast to fill them.

Also, the Times has a bunch of other web jobs open. Check them out.